I wish to publish through wordpress xmlrpc of this site http://www.go4film.com and that i make use of this code to publish to my wordpress website.

include 'wp-includes/class-IXR.php';

$rpcurl = new IXR_Client('http://www.go4film.com/xmlrpc.php');
$username = "*****";
$password = "*****";

$content['title'] = htmlentities('Hi',ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8');
$content['categories'] = array("Hindi Movies");
$content['description'] = "hi";
$content['mt_allow_comments'] = 1;
$content['mt_allow_pings'] = 1;
$content['mt_taxonomy'] = array('tags' => array('Mithun'),'taxonomy' => 'actor');

if (!$rpcurl->query('metaWeblog.newPost','', $username, $password, $content, true)) {
   die('An error occurred - '.$rpcurl->getErrorCode().":".$rpcurl->getErrorMessage());

It really works pefectlly in adding title,body and groups. However for custom taxonomy "actor" it did not add the worthiness "Mithun".

Please rectify the code or produce the answer where used to do wrong.

After a little workaround i found solve my very own problem by fixing the files in core wordpress.

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