On the VB.Internet 2008 form I've got a DataGridView, BindingSource and TableAdapter.

The BindingSource DataSource is really a dataset.

Within the dataset I've got a Fill command that joins three tables which is displayed with no issue in the DataGridView.

However, I'm not able to Update the dataGridView since it has multiple tables from one TableAdapter?

Does anybody know an easy way I'm able to update. The tables has over 200 posts and that i simply want to update the posts which are transformed. Basically make use of a single table I'm able to edit data within the DataGridView and also the database is up-to-date ok.

Any help could be appreciated?


You have to provide custom update instructions - there is a walkthrough here:


Regrettably, the Windows.Forms BindingSource, doesn't support complex qualities (that we assume you're after).

You would need to craft your personal custom BindingSource (and it'll be bespoke for you) to deal with complex property values and projects.