A customer wants to possess a simple intranet application to handle his process. He runs a Quarry and desires to trace quantity of loads shipped daily and connected activities.

Since I Have understood about Django's excellent Admin interface, I believed I possibly could define the "Schema" in models.py and also have Django Admin create the forms.

Used to do just that and it makes sense pretty good whatsoever. I have had the opportunity to personalize the feel and look to match the client's taste.

Some questions:

  1. Is Django Admin the best choice for this type of use-situation?
  2. Am I Going To go to problems later on because of versatility from the framework?
  3. It is possible to better framework available particularly created for this use-situation (general Database management for smaller businesses)? I favor ones designed in Python since i have can hack up to personalize.


During my personal expertise, Django is a great option for just having a pleasant-searching UI on the top of the database.

There's an opportunity you can encounter versatility issues attempting to personalize the admin interface... however, using Django's ModelForms and Templates - you can easily make your own CRUD application - if you cannot do the thing you need within the admin interface.

So far as Python frameworks go, Personally, i prefer Django over Turbogears or Pylons (that we believe also provide admin connects) since it appears easier to obtain installed, setup and running.

Again, that's just my own preference. ymmv.

I have been enticed to behave similar, and the reply is that generally, you won't want to hack the admin interface, because that isn't it's purpose, and eventually you'll encounter some versatility issues.

Check my Q: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2171820/how-to-implement-a-client-admin-in-django

Getting stated so, I'd stick to django.