Just investing in context to clarify the primary question:

On my small development machine, PHP5.3.1 is a component of Apache like a module, I personally use SetEnv APPLICATION_Atmosphere rise in my application's root .htaccess file. This will make it easily retrievable from the php script with getenv('APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT').

Around the production server, on the sharedhost (dreamhost), I put together myself php5.3.1 since it wasn't directly supported. Everything works fine with the exception that getenv('APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT') returns false.

Within the sharedhost root .htaccess for my domain, I personally use this .htaccess file

Options +ExecCGI

AddHandler php-cgi .php

Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/php.cgi

<FilesMatch "^php5?.(inicgi)$">

    Order Deny,Allow

    Deny all

    Allow from env=REDIRECT_STATUS


Options -indexes

php5.cgi resides in /cgi-bin and is effective. Obviously during my application's root folder I've another .htaccess determining:

SetEnv APPLICATION_Atmosphere production

However when using getenv('APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT') it returns false, any idea how you can resolve this?

For that SetEnv directive to operate, your hosting service should have the mod_env module triggered...

But, even when it's triggered, maybe it's not necessary to permission to make use of SetEnv.

Just to be certain the issue is not inside your code, you might like to look into the ouput of phpinfo() : at the end from the page, there must be a piece that contains atmosphere variables as seen from PHP -- if yours isn't inside, it's a bad sign for you personally...

Ok I finally first got it. On dreamhost, you'll be able to use fastcgi and for that reason declare atmosphere variables by using it. It includes just adding this straightforward script



professional /home/USERNAME/YOURDOMAIN/cgi-bin/php.cgi

That is where my put together PHP5.3.1 was situated. chmod 744 on that file known as dispatch.fcgi which is permitted more memory by dreamhost's watchdog.

Next I put into my domain's .htaccess the next:

Options +ExecCGI

AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl

AddHandler php5-fastcgi .php

Action php5-fastcgi /dispatch.fcgi

now within the application's root I've another .htaccess with:

SetEnv APPLICATION_Atmosphere staging

Inside a php script it's retrievable via getenv('REDIRECT_APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT')

Perhaps you have to make use of apache_getenv?