After hrs of reading through about and experimentation with DNS records I'm able to access my Google application engine application via these Web addresses:

  • world wide

What doesn't work:

  • world wide

I wish to have the ability to serve my application directly off my domain and never a subdomain. I have seen applications that this. Can there be any method of doing this with no URL redirect?

Thanks, Mark

I've figured it!

To begin with: it's impossible to link something similar to together with your appspot application. This really is considered a naked domain, which isn't based on Google Application Engine (any longer). As it happens, the response to my question needs to be "impossible". Continue reading...

All you should do is add subdomains pointing for your application, e.g The important thing to obtain your top level domain associated with your application would be to understand that world wide web is really a subdomain like every other! is treated exactly like world wide!

Listed here are the steps:

  1. Visit, open your application
  2. Administration > Versions > Add Domain... (your domain needs to be associated with your Google Applications account, stick to the steps to achieve that such as the domain verification.)
  3. Visit world wide
  4. Dashboard > your application ought to be right here. Click it.
  5. myappid configurations page > Website > Add new URL
  6. Simply enter world wide web and click on Add
  7. Making use of your domain hosting provider's web interface, give a CNAME for world wide web for the domain and indicate

Now you must world wide associated with your application.

I wanted this could have been more apparent within the documentation...Best of luck!

See http://world wide for that particulars. After you have registered for Google Applications for the Domain:

# Sign to the Google Application Engine admin console.

# Visit Administration > Versions

# Click on the 'Add Domain...' button under Domain Setup.

# Enter your domain title within the 'Domain Title:' area

# Click 'Add Domain'. You'll be forwarded to the Google Applications administrator console to accomplish the procedure.

# Log to the Google Applications user interface together with your administrator account.

# Accept the terms and specify the access URL you want to offer the application.

# Click 'Accept

You cannot make use of a naked domain, though, for example (but world wide does work), because: """ Because of recent changes, Google Application Engine no more supports mapping your application to some naked domain. In case your domain registrar supports URL redirects, you are able to redirect from for your application, which may be offered from domain names like http://world wide or """ as specified at http://world wide

If much like me you've seen this message while attempting to add 'www' like a subdomain inorder to obtain your personal domain working:

'Already used, please remove previous mapping first . '

The above mentioned process pointed out in other solutions has transformed slightly if you work with Google Applications for the domain.

You have to now do that too:

Google Applications -> Service Configurations -> Sites. Click 'Web address mapping' and take away the 'www' mapping that has been added automatically to Sites.

You'll be able to add the 'www' subdomain for the Application engine application

check this out link: wide web-mapping-from-google-applications

Another solution that is distributed by Bing is URL sending: http://world wide