I must determine if there's any possibility will be able to use Haskell with small database like sql server compact to ensure that client won't be required to install any server on his desktop.

Can there be any api supplying sql claims and so forth ... What's the best answer to attain small database application using haskell.

thank you for help

SQLite is a superb selection for a little, lightweight database you are able to embed inside your application. See HackageDB for any Haskell binding.

You will find 57 database libraries and tools for Haskell on Hackage. Typically the most popular is HDBC, a purchase of magnitude accepted other things, and it has the HDBC-sqlite after sales.

I'd certainly recommend SQLite. If you're searching for a library to keep the kind safety of Haskell having a concise syntax, I would suggest looking at Persistent, with a SQLite after sales.