I am using HeidiSQL ( http://world wide web.heidisql.com/ ) to handle my databases at the office (I favor this over phpMyAdmin).

Now, I wish to use HeidiSQL with my personnal host plan, however when I connect with MySQL with my host, I interact with "localhost" in PHP but at the office, I connect with databases with something similar to "supersqlserver.foo.internet"...

It is possible to method to connect with my located database with HeidiSQL? Could it be common practice with hosts to permit the employment of software such as this?

BTW, the host where I would like HeidiSQL to operate is HostGator.

Request your HostGator support. They ought to have the ability to assist you to. Maybe they merely listen on localhost, and you can't connect in the outdoors. It's rather present with not listen for exterior MySQL connections because of security guidelines, however, many hosts take.

Whenever you can't connect with the MySQL server directly, for instance a firewall blocks the access all network methods, except HTTP protocol, you should use HTTP tunneling. Here a good example of hooking up to MySQl through Httptunnel using HeidiSQL.