I'm learning how you can push and pull databases using Heroku's system, I simply possess a making clear question.

My existing development database is known as project_dev but I wish to produce a new database. I joined within the following command:

heroku db:pull mysql://root:mydbpassword@localhost/20110302heroku

I've got a database.yml file which includes my development, test, and production dbs, and that i got this response from Heroku:

Auto-detected local database: mysql://root:mydbpassword@localhost/project_dev?encoding=utf8

Performs this mean I must by hand produce a new database first if I wish to pull from Heroku? Will it imply that I am unable to pull whatsoever unless of course the db is clearly defined during my database.yml file?

Any pointers could be really useful. I'd a glance around on the internet, Heroku and thus, however i did not discover the solutions I had been searching for. Thanks!

Yes, you will need to first produce the new local database but it's not necessary to declare it inside your database.yml file.

After I run heroku db:pull mysql://root:mydbpassword@localhost/newdb it properly imports in to the newdb database. I am unsure why it auto-picks up the local dev database. Do you apply the latest heroku and taps gems?