I presently possess a content management systems which develops microsites in subdirectories. Therefore the mainsite may be the root and every subsite is within a subdirectory.

eg root = world wide web.mainsite.org

microsite = world wide web.mainsite.org/microsite

I am presently purchasing and parking domain names around the mainsite's hosting space. I've it setup to ensure that once the user types in world wide web.microsite.org they're rerouted to world wide web.mainsite.org/microsite while using following during my htaccess

RewriteCond % ^microsite.org$ [OR]

RewriteCond % ^microsite.org$

RewriteRule ^/?$ "http://mainsite.org/microsite" [R=301,L]

can one also mask the url to ensure that world wide web.mainsite.com/microsite seems within the url bar as world wide web.microsite.org - permitting each one of the microsites to retain individual identity. I own the domain names for each one of the microsites

I do not always require a blanket rule, I am pleased to add new code for every microsite.

Incidentally, I do not really understand htaccess editing - am pretty a new comer to it, so specific solutions could be greatly appreciated. I have looked for solutions, try not to think I have found any which are hiding the main in by doing this - most appear to cover the subdirectories.