At this time Im utilizing an extension known as chronoforms but Im available to something that works. I'm able to make forms all right, also it saves the posted data to some table. Where I'm stuck is, how do you then allow my front-end customers who completed and posted the shape to return, view their old solutions, change them, and resubmit them or resave them. To be able to do that I believe I will have to have the ability to retrieve their last solutions in the table which it's saved, replug the final specific data record for your user only into the original form around the front-end and allow the user change and resubmit it? Unless of course there's an easy method to permit the consumer to alter their solutions to some form and resave them?

If anybody understands how to do that, or maybe there's an easy method I ought to go about carrying this out, (possibly there's another extension that handles this type of factor) please tell me. Thanks!

You could think about Chronoconnect that is through the same people. You are able to link it to some DB table. Their forum is really a better spot to try. They are normally pretty useful there.