EDIT I solved the majority of the problems about this problem by spinning the script. However, there's one remaining problem that I have posted as a new question.

Problem Hitting the submit button fails only in Wordpress pages. Static pages act as expected.

Question Does anybody have experience using jquery.form inside Wordpress and when the same is true this wordpress plugin have special needs to really make it operate in Wordpress?

Scenario I am trying to make use of jquery.form to deal with an application that seems inside a dialog. The arrangement creates static pages around the server, outdoors of Wordpress however in exactly the same domain. However, once the form is presented within the dialog on the Wordpress page the submit function fails, usually inducing the dialog closing getting not posted the shape. The wordpress plugin and also the triggering script are generally enqueued. Where I can tell it, and it is appropriate, I have changed $ to jQuery.

I am searching for applying for grants why the failure is happening.

One question that happened in my experience is when do jquery plug ins respond if combined with Wordpress regarding using "$"? Possibly it is not an problem however i wondered whether it might be the reason for the issue here.

The triggering script is only the standard script having a couple of options added, again this creates static pages:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
var options = {
    target : '#output1',
    url:    'form1_processing.php',
    clearForm:  'true'

// bind 'myForm' and provide a simple callback function 
return false;

The php to process the shape is below, observe that whatever weak points this might get it works around the static pages.

ini_set ('display_errors', 1);
error_reporting (E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE);
if (isset ($_POST['submit'])) {//Handle the form
if ($dbc = @mysql_connect('localhost', 'DB-user', 'DB-password'))  {

    if (!@mysql_select_db ('DB-name')) {
        die ('<p>Could not select the database because <b>' . mysql_error() . '</b></p>');
    die('<p>Could not connect to MySQL because <b>' . mysql_error() . '</b></p>');
//Define the query
$query = "INSERT INTO table-name (ID, name,  url_problem, description, url, browser, operating_system,date_entered) 
VALUES (0, '{$_POST['name']}', '{$_POST['url_problem']}', '{$_POST['description']}','{$_POST['url']}','{$_POST['browser']}','{$_POST['operating_system']}',NOW())";

//Execute the query
if (@mysql_query ($query)) {
    print '<p class="response">Your comment has been added. Please close the form and continue with your evalation. Thank you.</p>';
    print "<p>Could not add your comment because <b>" . mysql_error() . "</b> The query was $query.</p>";

The dialog script is

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
jQuery('#openform a').each(function() {
    var cancel = function() {
    var $link = jQuery(this);
    var $dialog = jQuery('<div></div>')
            autoOpen: false,
            title: $link.attr('title'),
            width: 700,
            height: 800,
            modal:  true,
            //buttons: { "Close": cancel, "Cancel": cancel},
            beforeClose: function (event, ui) {//clear previous success messages
                jQuery("div#output1, div#output2, div#output3").empty();
            open:   function (event,ui) {//write the url value into the form

    $link.click(function() {
        jQuery( "#accordion" ).accordion({
            collapsible: true,
            active: false,
            fillSpace: true,
            clearStyle: true
        return false;


I'd appreciate any suggestions because the possible reason for the issue.