I am pretty a new comer to jQuery and am focusing on a wordpress plugin for WordPress. Since customers are able to place it anywhere around the page, I want the mouseover to understand where to appear. When the DIV is positioned around the right, it must show the mouseover around the left and vice-versa. I have learned that it ought to be done without needing a jQuery wordpress plugin and taking advantage of "nearest". Consider I am a new comer to jQuery, I've no clue how to start. Sorry if the still sounds vague.


Presuming your div comes with an id of "widget", range from the jQuery library after which check from this. If div_on_left() holds true, then your div is situated around the left side from the page.

function div_on_left() {        
        return ((($('#widget').outerWidth()/2) + $('#widget').position().left) < $(window).width()/2)

You'll be able to check if(div_on_left()) { // some code to show your mouseover on the right side}