My Microsoft Access database (Further ed/BE) is continuing to grow from the restrictions and I have to import more data, so Access isn't the right choice any longer. I'll change to MySQL (NOT SQL Server) like a good option, but I am wondering what for a front-finish towards the MySQL database. Must I keep my Access VBA code and front-finish (utilizing a ODBC connection) or ...? High end isn't needed.

I personally use access as my front-end constantly. It really works, basically. You should use the various tools in Use of upsize the tables to SQL. After that's done, I relabel the linked tables to get the dbo_ prefix, therefore the forms and code is still searching in the same table title.

Now you must sql maintenance and backup copies from the data. You may make different copies from the front-end. You'll have a dev copy and something for customers. After you have changes towards the front-end - new forms or reviews, you are able to publish it by 50 percent seconds when we're not within the released copy.

I've desired to learn asp or visit other platforms for front-end gui of my db's, why bother after i have no need for a explosive device to have an ant hill? They're small applications and Access does a great job together.


I believe you need to a minimum of try a duplicate of the existing Access Further ed with ODBC links towards the new MySQL database. I have done similar with PostGreSql and SQL Server because the after sales database, also it can work nicely. I'm not sure whether you can encounter more gotchas as well as deal-breakers with MySQL, but appears like it ought to be worth an attempt. Also it wouldn't set you back much effort to discover ... just discard or relabel your overall Jet tables and add the ODBC links instead.

If you have invested a great deal inside your front-end development, in my experience it is a no-brainer to help keep the Access front-end.

However, if you are uncomfortable with developing in Access and also the application you've is comparatively trivial, and you've got a popular development platform that you could easily get ready to go with very rapidly, things tip within the other way.

Also, for those who have a big change of needs, for example requiring to deploy on the internet in order to remote customers, that is one valid reason to abandon neglect the within the Access front-end.

However in general, the very first option is to stay using what has already been working, after which move ahead only when you will find unresolvable issues with that.