the traditional mod_rewrite. I can not appear to have it right.

Typical scenario: A person types in "" I would like the user has been rerouted to ""

My htaccess file looks the following:

RewriteEngine   on
RewriteBase     /var/www/

RewriteRule     ^/page/$    page/page2 
RewriteRule     ^/bla/$     page/page2/bla

The very first rewrite rule works, the 2nd however does not appear to work. Any idea? Maybe an easy method to get this done?

And the other question: When I stated the very first rewrite works all right, however the url isn't pretty. "" changes to "". It is possible to method to keep your entered url but nonetheless forward the consumer towards the actual link?

I presume the .htaccess is within your DocumentRoot. So how exactly does your /bla that contains seem like? This will not rewrite the URL within the browser.

Make use of this:

RewriteEngine   on
RewriteBase     /

RewriteRule     ^(/?)page/?$    $1page/page2 [L]
RewriteRule     ^(/?)bla/?$     $1page/page2/bla [L]