I'm searching for achievable solutions for my Application to become backed with MongoDB. I'm searching to host the MongoDB around the cloud having a python based server to have interaction using the DB and my application (either mobile/web). I'm attempting to know how the architecture need to look like.

  1. Either i'm able to host a mongoDB around the AWS cloud and also have the server running there only.

  2. I additionally attempted using MongoLab and appeared to become simple being able to access it using HTTP demands. but i don't know whether it exposes all of the essential options that come with MongoDB (no matter what i'm able to do utilizing a pymongo driver)? Also, must i choose being able to access the MongoLab service from my application or still i ought to develop a server in-between?

I would rather building an server either in situation as i wish to perform some processing before delivering the information to application. but i don't know for the reason that situation how my DB-server-application interaction design ought to be

Any suggestions?

One factor to think about is the fact that you don't have to use MongoLab's Relaxation API. You are able to connect directly using a driver too.

So, if you want to implement business logic (so it seems like you need to do), it seems sensible to possess a three tier architecture by having an application server hooking up for your MongoLab database via among the motorists. Inside your situation it may sound like this is pymongo.