i'm using MySql work bench and My Eclipse 8.6. and creating a Hibernate-spring program. Can you really use reverse engineering feature during my eclipse with MySql work bench in to ensure that DAO and hbm files could be generate like Derby. How do i do that with MySql work bench. this can be a Link to using reverse engineering during my eclipse. http://www.myeclipseide.com/documentation/quickstarts/hibernateandspring/

I am unsure about MyEclipe, however in Eclipse 3.6 you are able to install the "Hibernate Tools" for eclipse. Steps then are - create schema and tables using MySQL Work bench - in Eclipse, produce a new Database Connection (Database Perspective --> Databases Explorer View --> Database Connections, right-click, new). Specify MySQL driver, username password, database etc - make certain that Eclipse will be attached to the database, and may perform a mysql ping into it - In Eclipse, produce a new "JPA" project. - right-click the JPA Project, and visit "JPA Tools" --> Generate Organizations from Tables. - within the wizard, you have to alter the mechanism for auto-setting ID's to organizations being written towards the database

That's a lot easy in Myeclipse just stick to the steps:

  1. Open Hibernate Perspective.
  2. In DBbrowser window create new connection for database.
  3. Fill the particulars about mysql connection as requested, and save it.
  4. Now in DBbrowser start the bond you create.
  5. Open the bond hierarchy and choose your table that you need to make hibernate class.
  6. Right click table title and choose "Hibernate Reverse Engineering".
  7. Fill the particulars and choose preferred location and finished.
  8. It'll generate all classes you would like.