I setup Jenkins CI to deploy my PHP application to the QA Apache server and that i went into an issuse. I effectively setup the pubkey authentication in the local jenkins account towards the remote apache account, however when I personally use rsync, I recieve the next error:

[jenkins@build ~]# rsync -avz -e ssh test.txt apache@site.example.com:/path/to/site protocol version mismatch -- is the spend clean? (begin to see the rsync guy page to have an explanation) rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at compat.c(64) [sender=2.6.8] [jenkins@build ~]#

One potential problem would be that the remote apache account does not possess a valid spend account, must i produce a remote account with spend access and area of the "apache" group? It's not an SSH key problem, since "ssh apache@site.example.com" connects effectively, but rapidly kicks me out since apache does not possess a spend.

That will most likely function as the simplest factor to complete. You'll most likely wish to only arrange it having a limited spend like rssh or scponly to simply allow file transfers. You may even want to setup a chroot jail to ensure that it cannot call at your whole filesystem.

To be sure that that will most likely function as the simplest factor to complete. We all do such like, but use scp rather. Something similar to:

scp /path/to/test.txt apache@site.example.com:/path/to/site