Question if anybody might help - I am utilizing a wordpress plugin known as sz subpage list, that is great, But I have to make use of the "order" which you'll specify within the wordpress-admin, and also the wordpress plugin does not seem to support this.

I am using the following, however it does not appear to operate - any ideas ?

Essentially I changed the

$pages = get_pages();


$pages = get_pages('sort_order=menu_order&sort_order=asc');

here's the initial, any ideas ?

Thank you for searching

function getPagesOptionList($selected) {
    $list = '';
    $pages = get_pages();
    foreach($pages as $page) {
        if ($selected == $page->ID) {
            $list .= '<option selected="selected" value="'.$page->ID.'">'.$page->post_title.' - (id: '.$page->ID.')</option>';
        } else {
            $list .= '<option value="'.$page->ID.'"">'.$page->post_title.' - (id: '.$page->ID.')</option>';
    return $list;

I had been searching in the wrong line DOH!, further up I discovered this

$pages = get_pages('exclude='.$exclude.'&child_of='.$parent);

And So I added this in

$pages = get_pages('exclude='.$exclude.'&child_of='.$parent.'&sort_column=menu_order');

All being employed as should now :)