I'm presently utilizing an MSAccess mdb apply for a redistributable application.

Not long ago I discovered about SQLite, instead of my solution, however the binaries they offer don't provide the possiblilty of utilizing them being an object in VB6. (Or at best I could not decipher it how).

Does anybody includes a link, or could write just a little about hooking up to some SQLite DB from VB6, and it is variations with using ADO?

I have been focusing on a VB6 application with SQLite for some time and I have attempted a few techniques of hooking up.

So allow me to summarize and provide, what for me is, the very best answer.

Techniques pointed out by Ben Hoffstein, gobansaor and David W. Fenton are great, however they depend on proprietary connects to sqlite.

OLEDB provider by CherryCity is nice since it is utilizing a standard interface, but there is a per installation royalty system, which causes it to be really, really costly. As well as their website doesn't condition upfront the product has royalties. You simply discover whenever you really bought the merchandise for development and wish to distribute it.

Finally there's the totally free as with both beer and speech, SQLite ODBC driver at http://www.ch-werner.p/sqliteodbc/ . It really works pretty much and that i haven't experienced any major issues at this time. The only real minor problem I have experienced is it will not allow multiple claims in a single call, so you just need to separate it. Additionally, the motive force enables the DSN-less approach, making everything a lot simpler.

So, imo, the ODBC driver is usually the best answer.

Or try DHSqlite http://www.thecommon.internet/2.html from Datenhaus..

"...developed like a fast alternative to ADO, encapsulating the super-fast SQLite-engine..."

"...With only two Dlls you receive a complete Alternative towards the whole ADO/JET-atmosphere - no dependency-hazzle any longer..."

..it's free (although not opensource).

This is a link to code good examples:


Just an FYI about this subject/question ...

The FreeVB code link published uses AGS_SQLite.dll which only supports SQLite 2.x (limited functionality)

The DHSqlite link provided supports SQLite 3.x too and it is a much better recommendation for anybody doing SQLite development with VB6 (Classic) ... You will find code good examples with this SQLite engine at http://www.thecommon.internet/3.html

Hope that can help!

Only a clarification:

If you are using VB6 for the application, then you definitely aren't using Access whatsoever -- you are only while using Jet database engine.

So, this is not really an ms-access question whatsoever, and should not obtain that tag.

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