Ok heres the senarrio, i've 4 wordpress installs the following

top level = mysite.com/ *primary site first level = mysite.com/site1 *first site 2st level = mysite.com/site2 *second site 3st level = mysite.com/site3 *3rd site

The leading page around the primary site has login forms to each one of the three sub sites. each site has different customers, configurations, content etc...


form 1 username &lifier pass submit / form action="mysite.com/site1/wordpress-login.php"

form 2 username &lifier pass submit / form action="mysite.com/site2/wordpress-login.php"

form 3 username &lifier pass submit / form action="mysite.com/site3/wordpress-login.php"

when attempting to login to the site, it will require the username/pass, submit the shape but return towards the top of the page were it first loaded, and never pointing the consumer towards the user interface /siteX/

is something that you can do? or would this require another thought process. using links towards the actual page rather than getting the three login forms around the one page..?


You most likely want Sidebar Login: http://blue-anvil.com/download/?did=28 If you are using this, the consumer isn't rerouted towards the after sales.

I'd also advice you to check out WPMU if you're getting multiple sites.

You would need to edit the wordpress plugin to incorporate a dropdown list, enabling you to choose which site to login to.

Make certain the Web addresses for every installation is placed towards the correct value under Configurations->General