I've presently an enviroment with Django + Apache via mod_python. How do i use Staticgenerator without nginx, simply with Apache and mod_python? Thanks.

Possibly this site in the webfaction forum can help:

Staticgenerator is made to be utilized having a front-finish http server. The example configuration as proven around the Github Staticgenerator page is applying Nginx because the front-finish http server and Apache because the back-finish http server.

If you prefer a static website generator that is not particularly designed for use having a front-finish http server, you might like to take a look at Hyde. Hyde is Django powered and statically creates the web pages, that are then put into a deploy directory. Hyde arrived on the scene from the developer, Lakshmi Vyas, wanting a Django based Jekyll, the industry static website generator designed in Ruby. Lakshmi Vyas did consider Staticgenerator just before developing Hyde but made the decision to roll their own.