With ThreadSafeClientConnManager.requestConnection(HttpRoute route, Object condition), what's the second item "condition" said to be?

Ultimately I am attempting to ThreadSafeClientConnManager.releaseConnection(ManagedClientConnection conn, lengthy validDuration, TimeUnit timeUnit) to produce the bond. However I require the ManagedClientConnection, that is only accessible in the requestConnection method (through the came back ClientConnectionRequest)

I discovered a reasonably decent example regarding how to make use of this class (see link at bottom). Works out releaseConnection isn't needed, should you perform a entity.consumeContent() around the response. Also make certain to pass through in BasicHttpContext directly into httpclient.execute.

Such as this:

this.context = new BasicHttpContext()

httpclient.execute(httppost,context) String entityStr = EntityUtils.toString(response.getEntity()) response.getEntity().consumeContent()


Still no clue what "condition" is within requestConnection: ThreadSafeClientConnManager.requestConnection(HttpRoute route, Object condition)