I have produced just one page template on my small Wordpess theme and that i can acces that page after i visit www.mydomain/single-page. During my theme folder I've got a director known as 'uploads' where I would like my upload files to visit. The Uploadify folder can also be during my theme folder. The issue is I'm not sure what relatives pathways I have to use to ensure that Uploadify to operate.

I have attempted this:

'uploader' : cfg.THEME_PATH + "js/uploadify/uploadify.swf",
'script' : cfg.THEME_PATH + "js/uploadify/uploadify.php",
'cancelImg' : cfg.THEME_PATH + "js/uploadify/cancel.png",
'folder' : cfg.THEME_PATH + "uploads/children",
'auto' : false

where cfg.THEME_PATH is really a variable that contains my template path(TEMPLATEPATH in Wordpress), however it does not appear to operate. Can anybody explain me what pathways must i use? Thanks :)