I've got a home windows mobile phone that is running home windows CE 5.. I wish to now connect a hardware towards the USB port and talk to the hardware by setting up it as being a virutal com port and writing/reading through bytes to/from this.

Must i write a virual com driver for that home windows mobile phone? Please be aware the hardware device that's only a device which transmits/receives bytes..

Can one simply employ the SerialPort class of .internet framework?

The way i understand the COM port that the unit is connected after i hook it up towards the USB ? it is possible to device manager in home windows mobile?


Home windows Mobile != Home windows CE 5., first you have to verify what your hardware is really running. Second, you need to verify exactly what the "USB port" is. USB has two "modes" - Host and CLient - and they're different both physically as well as in software. Whether it's the main harbour that you simply hoos the unit towards the PC through, then it is a customer port and won't have the ability to pay a peripheral.

Now if it is a CE 5. tool and if it is a USB Host port only then do we get lower towards the USB device type and also the OS motorists. What type of system is it? Will it behave as a serial device already (e.g. we have an FTDI or Prolific chipset inside it)? If that's the case, just install the best CE driver and you are set. Whether it does not, you will want to create a number device driver to permit the USB system to talk with this specific device. How that driver works is dependent around the hardware.

In regards to what the main harbour title is going to be, that's as much as the host driver's registry configurations. Typically it'll start in the first available port (i.e. in case your hardware already has "COM1:", it will begin at "COM2:"), but that is easily overridden, so verify within the registry.


For good examples from the driver implementations begin to see the following locations on your computer (this assumes you have Platform Builder - I believe any version since about 3. - installed):

%WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\DRIVERS\USB\CLASS\USBSER for any fundamental USB host serial class driver example
%WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\DRIVERS\USBFN\CLASS\SERIAL for any fundamental USB function serial driver example