I've got a Java-application using Wicket for that frontend. Now I would like progressively switch to WordPress-frontend. To begin with, the startpage will probably be in WordPress. Can there be a great way to use Wicket in conunction with WordPress? Wicket is really tightly combined using the Java, I had been unclear about how to get it done.

If anybody can provide me some guidelines or tips, or links to those who have been through similar situations i'd be very grateful.

To begin with, what you're searching to complete is probably impossible within the same runtime container. You will find methods to run PHP in Java (Quercus involves mind), however, many programs aren't perfect for this.

If you wish to run in multiple containers, you might have the ability to fake this out in the browser level with iframes, but you'll need Wordpress plug ins that may orchestrate setting iframe locations for your current Tomcat container running Wicket.

It might be useful to know your reason for carrying this out. Wordpress comes with an excellent product, which is not to discourage you against going that direction. But when you're just attempting to gain Content management systems functionality, you might want to take a look at Brix, the industry Java Content Repository after sales for Wicket.