I've been planning to produce a site that will contain a number of different sections, for example several blog feeds for reviews and articals, a forum, in addition to a stock site where people sellOrpurchase photos.

I had been thinking about carrying this out in PHP, but have lately began using wordpress and found it very effective. is really a site such as this too "advanced" to become completed in wordpress?

Here are a few sites that I have completed with Wordpress which are not only blogs:

  • Driia's Dreams, that is blog an internet-based store for my wife's jewellery business. (I take no responsibility on her theme.)
  • Barking Mad Productions, that is mainly a Content management systems to have an event production company, having a blog.
  • Ludus, which tracks the games that people play every week (blog), together with details about the games themselves (Content management systems).
  • Craig's Chaos Machine, which documents everything I am researching Chaos Toy and Chaos Machines. (Still a piece happening.)

This isn't the question you ought to be asking IMO.

The question to request is: "Does using wordpress make creating this site simpler ?"

When the pages you'll be creating are based on your blog posts, then yes. For instance, with Wordpress, you groups could be listed as sub-menu products.

But, in case your pages aren't associated with the "primary" blog, why bother using Wordpress?

You pointed out you had been gonna get it done in PHP however are planning on WordPress. I simply discovered that funny because WordPress IS designed in PHP ). Wordpress has been utilized like a Content management systems for some time now and i believe it's frequently an excellent starting point. I really like WordPress but it is only some of the Content management systems available you should think about Drupal, Joomla, Movable Type, or one of several other Free as well as commercial CMS'. You may even want to check out other items within the Automattic family for example WordPress MU, BuddyPress and BBPress. I'd say using another person code can help you save a great deal or time although not always. In a few instances writing your personal Content management systems might be faster and.

Hope this can help.

But, in case your pages aren't associated with the "primary" blog, why bother using Wordpress?

  • It's a common plataform, examined and utilized by huge numbers of people
  • An Enormous wordpress plugin ecosystem that are responsible for Search engine optimization, Backup, Twitter, E-commerce, take your pick
  • An excellent documentation
  • An excellent admin interface with WYSIWYG editors already implemented
  • A fascinating method of use "static pages" together with you, so you'll have a real Content management systems application.

These are merely some advantages. I do not recommend Wordpress for huge enterprise sites, but when you are not carrying out a complete different method of interaction (like stackoverflow, that is unique in it's method of work) for any website, I believe it is a better approach then attempting to code from scratch.

To create plug ins you simply use php, html plus some functions aviable at plataform's core. No useless XML configuration files, no proprietary template languages within the plataform, nothing. Write a lot of php in the directory, put inside "plug ins" and you are done.

WordPress can be used as not only blogs, getting lately won an award for the best Content management systems proves that!

The reviews and articles would certainly be posts, in various parent groups.

The forum might be implented with bbPress (http://bbpress.org) or SimplePress (http://simplepressforum.com)

The purchasing/selling photos might be completed with a mix of either the built-in WordPress gallery or perhaps a wordpress wordpress plugin for example NextGEN (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery) along with a shopping cart software or paypal wordpress plugin.

It might try taking some integration work, but it definitely is all possible with WordPress :-)