After a little solid advice from people on here about using WordPress for any small (six page) website, I needed to broach another question regarding using WordPress for any non-blogging site. Yet, I understand my client want to update various, but small servings of their website from time-to-time.

I will not be setting up Wordpress within the root, but a sub-directory and also have my core site files relaxing in the main.

Listed here are my questions:

  1. Can One include content from Pages in WordPress and output that content on any page outdoors from the Wordpress install directory? Can there be something specific I will have to include?

  2. Must i make use of a Theme or can one still use my already built CSS?

  3. Let me have the ability to use my very own CSS for that site and never get it be associated with a style - is the fact that possible? Meaning I personally use versus

  4. I in addition have a slider composed of three DIVs for every panel, can one pull for the reason that specific Page with this markup for that slider?

  5. Can One also make my very own queries for data too?

  6. Can there be something that I will not have the ability to accomplish or advise against doing?

I am mostly worried about needing to make use of a Theme, mostly because I'm not sure if I'll want to use it or otherwise.

Thank you for any help.

Plenty of paperwork available:

and , in which you pull pages/posts in the Wordpress loop to your existing design, CSS, etc.

You will have to link necessary JS files within the site. will highlight steps to make your personal queries.