I'm webmaster focusing on a wordpress website landing page which will lead the consumer into an exciting silverlight page. Now my programmer states this can not be done and it is not supported php conflicts with silverlight/asp and so forth.

My website is going to be www.maddog.internet... I want the wordpress and silverlight servings of the web site to exist in exactly the same URL.

Yet another note I'd a a login produced for the wordpress site that will have to speak with the silverlight logon... is possible?

Simply have your PHP (wordpress) redirect to some .Internet based subdomain application if necessary. The silverlight elements have to be located by asp.internet based pages so for instance:

You need to have the ability to set this up in IIS, PHP root level site and /Subsite since it's own virtual directory hosting asp.internet site.

User logs into php page, you are able to server transfer to next page with login particulars etc or other method to wish to pass the creds towards the .Internet page and instantly log the consumer in then display the silverlight component.