I wish to build my Wordpress theme having a built-in contact page. Something simple without captcha. I must use just Akismet like a junk e-mail filter. So, my first thought ended up being to "convert" your comments ought to.perl page right into a contact page template. That We first got it, however, many points have to be improve.

1) If you use the contact, there's no notification when the content was sent it or otherwise. How could I put a "ThanksInch message for that user?

2) You may already know, with this particular approach the contact details does not visit my email. Rather it's come in your comments ought to admin page. Can there be any opportunity to make Wordpress really send me the contact details to my email?

When I stated before, I'd rather not make use of a wordpress plugin, if you have idea how that helped me to to resolve these problems or perhaps a new method of this, it will likely be highly appreciated.

You need to simply employ php mail function together with your form data. If you do not wont to make use of wordpress plugin, you need to still take a look at some simple wordpress plugin for code good examples.

You will find lots of free free styles with contat form you may also use as example. Opt for developing a wordpress child theme for that theme that already has contact page. That's neat and simple solution.

Why don't you make use of a plug-in? WHY "not want" to?!

It may turn one hour of programming to five minutes.

Your best choice would be to edit the comment-template form therefore it does not display your comments ought to in every page or publish for example single.php, index.php, page.php

Allow the form only display.

When you accomplish that, you are able to get into your Configurations -> "Discussion Configurations"

  • E-mail me whenever Anybody posts a comment

Checkbox the above mentioned options. And you ought to be all set.