Wishing someone can help however i am presently teaching myself WordPress and focusing on my very own Content management systems site.

My website will contain approximately 5 pages in which the header/sidebar menu/footer is going to be seen on each one of these 5 pages.

Newbie here and questions are the following:

  1. Each one of these 5 pages will contain different content, for instance, every page may have a image banner representing recption menus option just clicked on, for instance, "About Us" on-page 5, "Promotions" on-page 4 etc and more text beneath might then possibly some images in the slide carousel setup.

    Within WordPress, wouldso would I tackle this, i.e. will i just produce a page in WordPress, squeeze banner image towards the top of the page, then possess a couple of breaks after which place the slide carousel of images - is correct?

    Otherwise, should i produce a separate php file known as aboutUs.php which has this markup after which in some way link it to some WordPress page?

  2. On my small website landing page of my website ONLY (the first page), just over the footer, I wish to display a div section that shows all of the sponsors from the website together with a Hyperlink to click for their websites - wouldso would Time passes about carrying this out in WordPress?

  3. In addition, with my menu, how do you link my menus to suggest towards the WordPress pages relevant to that particular menu option?

    If you will find any sites that individuals realize that will in some way answer my queries, please pass them on.


If you are using the 'default' template that accompany WordPress you could do this something similar to this to create different content on different pages without creating separate php files (this could use page.php):

<?php if(is_page('About Us')) { ?>
<?php $about_query = new WP_Query('category_name=aboutus-&showposts=1');
while ($about_query->have_posts()) : $about_query->the_post(); ?>
 <?php the_content();?>
 <?php endwhile;?>

Basically, within this you can just produce a publish as well as an 'aboutus' category to reference it. The page of 'About Us' (recommended through is_page()) would retain the content you desired to show.