I am not entirely acquainted with OOP, however i be aware of fundamentals. I am developing a Wordpress wordpress plugin and want to produce a (html) table around the wordpress plugin page. I have read that in Wordpress 3.1 there's a category known as Wordpress_List_Table which could create the necessary markup.

Could someone produce a really fundamental concept of using this? Should i produce a child class to be able to utilize it?

This information is a very nice one regarding Wordpress-List-Table: http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/03/native-admin-tables-wordpress/

Yes, you need to produce a child class to increase the qualities from the parent class. I copied the wordpress-admin/plug ins.php and wordpress-admin/includes/class-wordpress-plug ins-list-table.php and moved individuals files into my wordpress plugin.

Then i did the entire backwards engineering factor to really make it use the present wordpress plugin I had been focusing on. I additionally found a bug along the way that was already reported and being done.

The bug is located here: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/15386

In a nutshell this never performed once the child class is performed from the wordpress plugin.

list($posts, $hidden) = $this->get_column_info()

... like a deal with I said the above code and feed the technique directly using what it had been searching for:

$posts = $this->get_posts() $hidden = $sortable = array()

For those who have hidden or sortable posts you are able to call their techniques directly too, however i did not need them for my implementation.

Following a couple of hrs Now i know very well what the course does and I've got a working model. so when the bug is bound, it will be just a little better )