I've handled to create your blog on localhost rapidly using wordpress. But what's ivolved in establishing an industrial website that's not really a blog?

Also, should understanding how to use wordpress become more diffcult than learning Asp.Internet or php? I'm able to begin using these languages to produce a website more rapidly than using wordpress it appears. I am speculating it ought to be possible to produce a fundamental php website after which in some way turn it on towards the admin functionality of wordpress to write content increase it?

Any comments and suggestions is going to be appreciated.


You'll need knowledge about PHP, HTML and CSS to configure WordPress to operate just like a non-blog website. Could it be simpler? Maybe, you receive what you would like however, you will not understand what's going on.

If you're developing a static web site, say just like a company's site with little to none dynamic content, use pages (not posts) and make up a static top of the page.

If you want to make use of WordPress just like a generic Content management systems, you may either make use of the Coffee pods wordpress plugin or even the recently introduced custom publish types and taxonomies (new in Wordpress 3.). You'll still need understanding of PHP/MySQL to configure the Wordpress Loop (which is often used to show blogs along with other dynamic content) and Wordpress Theme tags (to show title from the current drenched in user).

Some plug ins assist with designing the website for any non-blog look. Theme My Login and Theme my Profile blends the log-in page and profile page together with your theme. However, if you want to personalize the look, or add new logic, you virtually need programming.

In a nutshell, you'd need understanding of PHP and MySQL CSS too, if at all possible. Get the hands dirty building some sites, then what Wordpress offer and does for you personally using its API could be more relevant.

A couple of ideas about this.

First, Wordpress is dependant on PHP. If you know the right path around in PHP you'll be able to change anything within wordpress, you are able to build personalized plug ins, templates, etc.

However, using Wordpress is not related to the programming languages you realize. Because you are battling by using it is most likely more since you do not understand yet exactly what the options that come with Wordpress are or what they are utilized for.

It is simple to use Wordpress to produce a simple non-blog website by establishing pages rather than posts. So you'd be using Wordpress less your blog engine but more as what's usually known as a cms Content management systems (not too utilizing it like a blog engine wouldn't make Wordpress a Content management systems, but I am speaking concerning the general use of individuals wordings).

A simple Google search might assist you in finding more here is how to complete it inside your specific situation.

Hope this can help!