I've two sites running in parallel, the first is in British and also the other is within Thai language. Got done upgrading the british site and today searching in the Thai site (to update). Both are wordpress sites. In wordpress (v 3.2.1) there's a configurations->permalinks. Around the British site I lately transformed this in the default (www.mywebsite.com/?p=123) to /%category%/%postname%/ to yield something similar to www.mywebsite.com/category/important-stuff/. This works fine [needed altering the .htaccess file]. Now searching to possibly perform the same around the Thai site, in which the category and postname fields contain both British figures and Thai UTF-8 figures. Essentially I am just wondering if most sites in which the pages are non British figures are actually mostly building Web addresses in non British figures, and when you will find any disadvantages to carrying this out. (or any problems associated with UTF-8 URL's produced from permalink/.htaccess within Wordpress) Help/advice appreciated.

My website is within Russian but I don't have cyrillics within the URL. I previously had them however it gave more troubles than i was expecting.

Disadvantages are among others

  • is the fact that formally you have to URL scribe this UTF-8 charachters also it looks very strange towards the user. More information on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent-encoding
  • tools like Google website owner etc. will have some difficulties with these charachters