I've an Android device which has an application known as 'Port forwarder' that is designed as exactly that. It enables me to go in the neighborhood Ip that Android assigns to my laptop because the target for port 80 and also the submitted port 8080 that we assume Apache learns around the laptop.

I've got a problem, I personally use DynDns for dynamic DNS. My static Ip for www.talisoft.com indicates among my DynDns URL's as well as their own dynamic Ip updater is running around the laptop.

Issue is nothing can access this site. It labored fine with my Nokia GPRS device although not with Android. Another factor, the DynDns updater reviews an Ip that conflicts having a DynDns online tool that can help test the outdoors reference to laptops.

It reviews that access is refused somewhere, however the Ip it claims it's tests are dissimilar to the Ip reported through the DynDns updater.

That's so far as I've got. Can anybody help?


Andrew Sprott