Essentially, allows say i've got a webserver and that i re-sell hosting particularly for local places of worship.

i've 5 places of worship as clients, i've got a simple Content management systems designed for them they're equal copies of the identical files, for every website i install the Content management systems , database and also the website, i believe it's a total waste of assets.

i must determine if i'm able to do the next, afaik most webhosts possess the following structure:

  • A primary directory (home)
    • world wide (church1)
    • world wide (church2)
    • world wide (church3)
    • world wide (church4)
    • world wide (church5)

essentially i'd like the Content management systems to become about the Home directory, and all the Places of worship (clients) would have only a Config file, a Database ant web site regarding their websites.

therefore the system source code could be shared, however the web site design and also the database files could be completelly separated.

i am not really a webhosting or perhaps a development expert, however i know my way around, i apologize if now you ask , too fundamental, i am getting a difficult time finding if this sounds like possible.

EDIT: I Believe Rudu's reference virtually solved my problem!

As you are building it yourself, place the include files (application logic) inside a folder or include path that's available to all of the domain names. You'll be able to put your template files, images and stylesheets within the individual domain folders. If you're database driven you should check the domain $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] and load is a result of a particular table or database based from that. You actually will go lot of different directions here if you're building it yourself.

It's possible - the solution. Exactly - you will find some configurations ( and today i dont remember them ) that may block it - but setup in most sites that libraries exist and become happy