I'm searching for a means for my customers to have the ability to login to each of my Joomla sites (one running 1.5 and also the other 1.6) utilizing the same qualifications. For instance, if your user registers to my Joomla1.5 portal, once they use that same info for my Joomla1.6, they get drenched in without needing to re-register and the other way around.

I suppose an authentication wordpress plugin will be the best answer in conjunction with a XML-RPC service? Joomla1.5 site's wordpress plugin is triggered which "conveys" using the Joomla1.6 site in which the user has already been registered, when the qualifications take a look at, a brand new user is produced and also the user instantly will get drenched in.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any ideas/help.

You are attempting to complete two completely different things that will need two completely different plug ins. First, you'll need a bridge to deal with user table synchronization. Explore just produce a user for every site, you need to sync everything about both accounts every time anything changes. This could include altering current email address, password, as well as user title plus every other related data like the use groups the user goes to. A great starting point could be jFusion, which is made to bridge Joomla along with other software programs but can typically be modified to bridge Joomla sites. JFusion also offers the additional benefit of creating user periods for every connected software program for any single unified login, which will be the second bit of the puzzle you should solve when you obtain the customers taken care of.