A customer sent us a form template they'd produced using jotform.com to implement on their own wordpress site. The shape template should really hide area of the form before the user clicks the 'next' button. After which a script should really validate all the input fields the consumer has most probably completed after which display the relaxation from the form. As I have effectively handled to obtain the form to show the following area of the form once the user clicks 'next', it does not validate the input fields.

Its type of hard to explain with no huge block of text so it's most likely simpler to inform you:

The initial working template the customer sent me: http://www.loftist.com/jotform/List_Your_Loft.html

The issue child: http://www.loftist.com/?page_id=78

Should you simply click on among the input fields after which click elsewhere around the page, the input fields effectively return a validation error message and stop the consumer from hitting the 'next' button. However, should you simply click the next button compared to next group of fields get displayed.

Any ideas? What shall we be held doing wrong here? Im convinced this should be a very simple problem but I am not sure what it may be....

I do not comprehend the problem. The first link, the initial template, works best for me with the validations in position. The issue child around the second link isn't a jotform form, also it does not have paging stuff.

Would you mean jotform in your first web site isn't working properly? Exactly what does this have related to the 2nd form in your second link?