I wish to create a website about highlighted books. You will find two different type of authors for any book: authors and illustrators

For every author I wish to create a page that lists the books for your author. The road could be:

Exactly the same for every illustrator: a webpage for every illustrator listing the books highlighted by them. Pathways within this situation could be:

after which, each book may have just one page (just like a publish):

Can you really do that in Wordpress? Thanks.

Absolutely, you will find certainly ways to get this done. The way in which I'd recommend it's one custom publish type for books and 2 custom taxonomies for illustrators and authors.

That will provide you with the url structures you would like right as they are, and will make simple to use to connect any book by having an author and illustrator (or multiple authors and illustrators, whether it's a collaborative book) and would involve no more than 30 - 40 lines of code to put it together. There'd become more involved with obtaining the templating to do something how you wanted, although not much.