I'm focusing on an inventory website using Sobi2. I have to list some products under 'Buy' yet others under 'Hire'. I've got a check box within the Sobi 2 add entry form to choose to which the product needs to be shown. But how do i realize this..? I am talking about how do i show the products that the consumer has Buy within 'Buy' menu..? I've different groups which groups are same for that Buy and Hire. It is just like I've two kinds of entries and also the parameters for are same. Please advise me how do i understand it in Sobi2...?

Thanks ahead of time.

You will need to clone the SOBI2 Extension and also have 2 installations from it.

This method is a touch involved but there's great documentation of methods to get it done HERE.

I needed to make a move similar on the site once and cloning cellular phone was great - i quickly did not have worry of anything getting entered up. It may sound like this is exactly what you will need since they are 'identical' but do 2 greatly various things.

For anybody who sees this later on the most well-liked method now would most likely be to make use of SobiPro rather (still a totally free component regardless of the 'pro' title). This, among other activities enables you to definitely run multiple distinct sites inside the one component, with no rigmarole of cloning.