I coded this factor up in VS2010, it labored fine. I desired to port it to VS2008, which went easily, apart from fixing the way a couple of lines were phrased. However it will not run, and my error codes say it's in opening this database.

com = New OleDbConnection(DB_Path)

Having a string at the very top determining DB_Path

Public Const DB_Path As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OleDb.4.0;Data Source=.\ASPNetDB.mdb"

Individuals two lines of code in the only factor inside a Try statement, so they are the only real factor that may be failing here. Company, I ensured copying the database in to the new directory. I even attempted while using full direct path inside which did not work either.

What exactly have I skipped?

On the 64bit machine in VS2008 you have to set the prospective CPU to 32bit within the project qualities, no 64 bit DLL exists for database access. I really hope this can help

Only a guess-- but you might want to make use of a different Jet provider (not 4.) in Versus 2008, since it will likely be focusing on an early on discharge of .Internet.