I've got a rare chance to satisfy the guy responsible for applying vehicle 2 vehicle communication for that US Dot with 2 others inside a couple of hrs.

Do YOU have questions for him?

I understand this can be a little outdoors the standard, but this can be a 'reverse' thread and that i felt he's some good understanding about them that I wish to tell this community.

I'll publish his solutions later right now to his questions.

Request about V2V implementation, privacy issues, use cases, or maybe you've considered a terrific way to use V2V and wish me to talk about it with him, he can at any rate consider it. He manages panel that produces the conventional. Or other things...

I am interested in discussing great ways to use V2V if you're able to think about any... I'll give credit, promise... particularly while he might not hear them on the daily basis.

Here is a good primer about them if you wish to lead something original. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/news/4213544


Retransmission could greatly enhance the duration of helpful information. By helpful I am talking about things like "it's clever the followingInch, or "cop the followingInch. A note that's constantly retransmitted would lengthy out original producer.

While using black ice example.

north bound vehicle x find black ice as Gps navigation pos B. vehicle x passes southbound vehicle y and sends these details. Vehicle y reaches Gps navigation pos A and today alerts that it'll soon be approaching Gps navigation pos B which it may be clever. While at position B vehicle y does not find so that it is clever. vehicle y passes northbound vehicle z at pos C and retransmits vehicle x's message concerning the black ice using the added info the southbound lane is probably not clever. vehicle z alerts its driver that's approaching Gps navigation pos B which the northbound lane may be clever.

This might move on with each vehicle adding details about which lanes a clever. Vehicle with various findings wouldn't erase one another, just add.

the problems i see here: protocol for position sensitive information time sensitive information (the content eventually needs disappear). ability to increase messages, vehicle voting on slickness etc.

I'd certainly request about security and privacy. What data about my vehicle can be obtained to a different vehicle? etc

How can the V2V pick which vehicle to speak to, expecially at speeds more than 60 miles per hour?

On the freeway / highway with 5 lanes on both sides, throughout hurry hour, what lengths does the communication go? Does the V2V talk to automobiles on the other hand from the freeway?

Is Gps navigation considered included in V2V?

What's the maximum supported distance for V2V?

Can V2V broadcast on Cell-Phone wavelengths or Radio wavelengths?

I'd request the way they are approaching the issue, and particularly when they required current research is a result of vehicle wireless sensor systems, since that's a place I had been researching into much more grad school.

Several released papers around the actual implementation and experimentation results could be great.

Security! What's in position to prevent a few clever teens from griefing v2v allows cars with false vehicle positions? I am especially wary when the vehicle really wants to seize control from me (automatic stopping, etc).

I'd like to check this out integrated with traction control. It might be invaluable if oncoming cars broadcast recent moments once they had less traction.

By using this same idea, integrate v2v with radar sensors. Within this situation motorists could be more conscious of the traffic cop hidden around approaching corner.

Do not know solution that needs multi-vendor standard compliance a much better option to the customer than existing sensor packages that accomplish (mostly) exactly the same factor for just the price of hardware and implementation?

next: how do i disable mine?

Request when they intend to implement a 'get from my way' functionality for ambulances etc and just how much you have to pay him underneath the table to obtain this type of box.