I'm utilizing a Velocity template, so when I personally use a flexible by having an apostrophe, i.e.:


where "user" may be the variable title, I recieve the worthiness for that variable converted, however the apostrophe becomes a lot of question marks. For example, when the value for "user" was "Mary Ann," I'd understand this:

Mary Ann????s

How do i "escape" the apostrophe to ensure that the rate mergeTemplate method won't produce this output? BTW, the encoding that I am delivering to that particular technique is iso-8859-1:

Velocity.mergeTemplate(template, TEMPLATE_ENCODING, context, string_writer);

Although we do not possess a Velocity qualities file, it's my knowning that this is actually the default Velocity encoding.

Any feedback could be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I'm able to make use of the encoding amp#39; within the HTML template however i still have a similar problem within the text template

If the template utilized in context of HTML you should use ’