I am attempting to integrate VelocityTools.ResourceTool to localize velocity template but whatever I personally use because the 'bundles' parameter I keep obtaining the following error:

java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name 
WEB-INF.conf.resources.ss_messages, locale en_US

I am using VelocityTools v1.4. Listed here are my designs:

Tool config /WEB-INF/conf/misc/velocity/toolbox.xml

  <parameter name="bundles" value="WEB-INF.conf.resources.ss_messages"/>
  <parameter name="locale" value="en_US"/>



The 2 files have simple content:

full.name=\u0421\u0442\  (for bg_BG.properties)
full.name=Joe Blow       (for en_US.properties)

My Velocity template has this code:

HELLO $test.full.name

I attempted different values for that name="bundles" above i.e., /WEB-INF/conf/resources/ss_messages and ./conf/resources/ss_messages (visiting the root dir after which referencing the ss_messages bundle).

Also, I attempted putting my ss_messages.qualities bundle files inside a resources folder within the root and employ the value="resources" rather, but nothing appears to become working...still obtaining the same error message.

What shall we be held doing wrong?! One thing the toolbox.xml file isn't within the root? I have used effectively the toolbox.xml throughout my application until recently.

The assets ought to be around the classpath, and set up as a result.

Begin to see the [cde] API docs.