I am using home windows 7 , and all sorts of things i want would be to install Version Control server on a single machine and let other designers for connecting into it while using machine Ip and chekout, update and commit files

I've attempted VisualSVN and delay pills work well for me personally , I additionally have attempted to set up Apache Server and then try to configure it to operate with subversion however i unsuccessful to do this , therefore if anyone might help me I'll appreciated

Thanks ahead of time


things i want if anyone can suggest an alternate like VisualSVN that allow me to compare and select from different choices

Thanks ahead of time

Have a look in the CollabNet Subversion Edge product bundle. It provides extensive the administration and configuration issues made simple. Bundles Subversion, Apache, ViewVC as well as their own administration/management tool for customers and source databases. Creates multiple platforms (Home windows, Linux, and Unix). Also offers a built-in a single click upgrade procedure that should allow it to be simple to stick with the most recent releases of Subversion and also the other items which are bundled up.