At this time, I'm using Dreamweaver to edit my files in your area then ftp these phones the live server.

I wish to begin using version control (I'm thinking subversion) however i don't have any knowledge about version control whatsoever.

Same with this something I will have to setup in your area or have setup on my small web server?

If on my small web server, is something I ought to contact my hosting provider about establishing?


In your area. You are only likely to have one version about the hosting site, and that is the development version. You'll do your changes in your area.

edit: Here is a decent link to ensure you get background, along with a fundamental tutorial. http://world wide Once you are comfortable, the definitive reference for svn reaches

If you are planning to make use of SVN, you will have to host it. You are able to host it in your server or computer it does not matter, but when you need to possess a copy if something goes completely wrong together with your computer I would recommend to set up SVN on server.

Version control generally is a process/tool you utilize throughout development, which means you wouldn't need to do anything together with your production web server. You'll use either an SVN client or Dreamweaver to have interaction using the version control system while you make changes, your approach to posting your website wouldn't change.

Using version control is a lot better if integrated together with your editing tool. Recent versions of Dreamweaver feature (since CS4) include Subversion integration. This short article discusses the SVN integration:
http://world wide

You will find 2 parts to establishing Subversion: the customer part to let you access the repository, and also the server part that serves the repository itself. For the way you decide to set some misconception, one installer might cover both client and server. While DW has some built-in integration, it is not designed to replace a complete-fledged client.

The program can be obtained here: If you are using Home windows, TortoiseSVN is really a client that combines SVN with Home windows Explorer.

For that server part, you may either setup your personal repository or make use of a public (possibly free) repository.

There's obviously lots of reliable information on the internet about Subversion, however the definitive guide is

Best of luck!!!