For those who have examined these databases, please let me know the reason why you prefer either. Also any online references could be great. I'm getting difficult time coming up with any good comparison together.


It is really an excessively broad question, and various analytic databases have different optimizations and have sets that might match your particular needs. If you possess the type of budget to aid a Netezza, i.e. more than millions of dollars, you need to have to have a evidence of concept evaluation in your specific workload.

I'd include Vertica towards the list, specifically since run it within the cloud on Amazon . com like a packed appliance. If you are a Oracle shop, the Exadata solution may be considered. You will find other suppliers, and several web 2 . 0. companies eschewed off-the-shelf analytic databases to construct their very own narrowly specific solutions using Hadoop, for example Facebook's petabyte-scale Hive data warehouse. I know profession managers at Facebook who complain about how exactly lengthy it requires to obtain new reviews implemented, however.

Curt Monash's DBMS2 site is a great starter resource, contrary else it provides you with some guidance concerning the inquiries to request, but bear in mind he consults with a few of the companies he covers (he is doing disclose these plans).

Take a look at

Curt Monash is very technical and thorough in the evaluation. His opinion on columnar storage and vertica wasn't as impartial when i had expected so that it is - he arrived on the scene quite negative.

I echo the mention of the Curt Monash. He breaks out many of the columnar data stores as well as their particular technologies.

Overall, it's 1) give me an idea related to the information, 2) which kind of data have you got, 3) how much cash have you got, and 4) just how much data have you got.

Lately, Cowen Reviews gave a great summary of the forex market together with talking about the NoSQL market. If you're able to get ahold from it, great. If you prefer a higher level overview, a good overview was produced by ZDNet: