I've got a php script which requires no website hosting or disk space etc. The script simply retrieves infromation from the server, does some processing about this information and than passes it onto a customer (an apple iphone application within this situation). The only real factor is when traffic will get high than there's a higher interest in bandwidth and speed.

Does anybody are conscious of something rich in speed and badwidth (aside from website hosting services) that enables you to definitely host (on the static ip) this type of php script?


You might want to try some kind of cloud service where one can setup the atmosphere you really need. Let us say your script need a ton of RAM only little CPU energy (or the other way round) you could have exactly this type of system. Amazon . com EC2 is just one of many cloud computing companies available.

hmm the performance point you should use something similar to "Facebook HipHop" to transform your php script into "c++" then you've the performance you'll need.

Cloud option would be perfect. You may also write spend scripts to improve decrease RAM whenever demand rises.

Like everybody here pointed out, cloud hosting is the best choice. It's a little more costly for assets &lifier bandwidth than the usual devoted but is superior in performance/latency/scalability. I've got a similar application setup for any current project and i'm running around the RackSpace cloud with 100K+ active customers every day and I've had no problems (been running for six several weeks).