Im running Apache on OSX, installed it via ports. For whatever reason it requires several seconds when im asking for pages from different php scripts. It isn't specific to some single script, happens wonderful them. I have really spent already considerable time trying to find the reason (also on the internet), enhanced the server, deactivated modules... Still no success.

The macmini is within my local network. Im being able to access the web pages utilizing a home windows machine, the macmini itself and apache are set up to load the php scripts from the network drive. Therefore the data covers a minimum of three machines. But this shouldn't be any problem, specifically since its a gbit network.

Checking the server status with apaches mod_status shows me more often than not a line such as this for my request:

10- 3612 // W .00 39 . .00 .00 GET / HTTP/1.1

The W means "Delivering Reply" and i'm also able to see here that it requires considerable time.

This is actually the Timing and Size supervised by utilizing Charles Proxy:


Request Start Time  11.02.11 12:47:31

Request Finish Time    11.02.11 12:47:31

Response Start Time 11.02.11 12:48:17

Response Finish Time   11.02.11 12:48:20

Duration    49.33 sec

Request Duration    2 ms

Response Duration   3.13 sec

Latency 46.20 sec

Speed   45,95 KB/s

Response Speed  723,92 KB/s


Request Header Size 776 bytes

Response Header Size    255 bytes

Request Size    -

Response Size   2,21 Megabytes (2319994 bytes)

Total Size  2,21 Megabytes (2321025 bytes)

Request Compression -

Response Compression    -

Any more ideas exactly what the problem might be?

Possibly your Apache is set up to complete some reverse DNS meaning with every request it attempts to perform a DNS research together with your internal IP (and perhaps waits before the request occasions out because there's no DNS server that may suit your internal IP).

I'm not sure how you can read that which you copied and pasted, but exactly how lengthy could it be really taking? I do not think the gbit network offers any benefit on the mbit network within this situation, as it is essentially about response occasions instead of bandwidth.

How lengthy will it originate from the equipment it's running on?