I simply moved my wordpress install from the older server to a different the one that has CPanel installed. The website is working fine around the front-end and when i'm not drenched within the wordpress-admin redirects me towards the login page but the moment i register i recieve a 404 error around the directory. i have checked file permissions, did a chmod recursivly to 755 then test whether it works if it is set to 777 however it did not so challenge to 755. Apache log shows nothing helpful with the exception that it returns a 404 and i am just really baffled since the front-end is working fine...

has anybody ever experienced anything such as this, are you able to suggest in whatever way of attempting to debug and arrive at the bottom from the cause and also to repair it? its a wordpress 3..1 install on apache 2.2 with php 5.2.9 mysql 5.1

Unsure what else might be helpful but request and i'll provide things i can

I discovered the problem, CPanel had php put together with Suhosin, i recompiled without them and everything's good.