I have to put an internet site live. Something I have done many occasions before, but always by myself box a treadmill that I have setup myself. I get a fairly fundamental CentOS5 light setup, chuck all the files in /var/www/sites/mysitename/http/, crontab jobs in /var/www/sites/mysitename/scheduled/, and so forth.

Then i place it all track of a in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

I have received a login for any box that's all-a new comer to me. I do not fully realize what it is been setup or just how much it might vary from what I am accustomed to...

1) I think this new server is CentOS - how do you check?

2) It's Parrallels Plesk Panel placed on it - can one just ignore that or should i utilize itOreliminate it?

3) this server has "/var/www/vhosts/" rather than "/var/www/sites/". Is the fact that significant by any means?

Thanks all - inside a large hurry today or I'd have spent a while tinkering/testing/searching responding to a few of the above personally. Any advice Greatly appreciated :)